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Below are thumbnails of various projects I've designed over the years. Click on the thumbnail to download a more detailed image.

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This is a cassette I did for a college singing group (called the Ambassadors). It is basically a miniature of an 11 x 17 poster I also did. The poster (and cassette) was assembled in Adobe Photoshop (with elements from Aldus FreeHand) and used over 700 megs of scratch space during creation. I was working on what I thought was a powerful computer at the time: a PowerMac 7100/66 with 50 megs of RAM. It took over half an hour just to save the file to disk!

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This was a piece designed to introduce a new 4-year business program at a local college. The front is diecut and opens to reveal an abacus on a modern computer. This was one of my first freelance pieces (in October 1991), and I wrote the copy and invented the concept. That's even my Mac II computer on the inside! The photographer shot a Polaroid of the abacus and while he waited I scanned it and brought it up on the screen and then he took a picture of the entire computer. The brochure was a tremendous success.

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For over five years I designed Bethany College's course catalog, a large perfect-bound book filled with college information and course descriptions. For this edition, we included approximately sixty pages of tables -- each page contained the course requirements for a particular major. This was major formatting fun. Produced entirely in Aldus PageMaker (including table of contents and index).

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This is one of my favorite pieces, a little booklet called "How to Pick a College." I conceived, wrote, and produced the entire booklet. It takes an entertaining, reverse psychology look at college exploration. (Check out the back page credits for samples of my subtle sense of humor.) It was aimed at high school juniors and seniors and was quite successful. The finished size of the 16-page book was 4.25 x 6. The terrific corny graphics were drawn by my friend .

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This is a piece I recently designed for a local summer camp. The target audience was junior high kids, but of course parents have to be able to read it also. It was printed in full color and the finished size was 10.5 x 24.

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Here are several brochures I designed. The leftmost piece (with the axe graphic) was one of several advertising a series of seminars at Bethany College. We did several different brochures over the course of a year, each with the same graphics and theme but with updated speakers and schedules. It was inexpensive and easy to update. The center piece is one I did for a Bay Area asset management company, and the far right was for Bethany's athletic department.

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Yet another piece for Bethany College, this one features an elegant duotone (PMS282 and 215) on the short-fold cover. The finished size of the piece was 7.5 x 20. I was very pleased with how nice the photo turned out.

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This is a simple two-color newsletter I designed for a computer software company. Each issue was four-pages.

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I did this piece long-distance to Salem, Oregon. It was for a brand-new church organization called Oregon Christian Singles and they wanted a dramatic piece that people wouldn't forget. The inside unfolded to 5.5 x 24 to make a poster churches could put on bulletin boards. The "game" theme of the front cover was carried throughout and I received many compliments. I created the OCS logo as part of the project.

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